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Gil Kerlikowske Heading to Brooklyn?

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gil kerlikowske

Gil Kerlikowske, in a statement outlining goals of the Office of National Drug Control Policy clearly states, “The Obama administration understands that addiction is a disease”…………..Wait a minute……Did I relapse? Did someone slip me some acid? Did I really just read that?

            After decades of fighting an unwinnable war on a health crisis it seems as though the Obama administration is establishing a foothold for substantial change. The document goes on to outline addiction as a “complex biological and psychological disorder”.  Gil (I like to call him Gil because I feel as though we’ll be friends) outlines a plan to blend treatment, prevention, and law enforcement. This seems to make sense. Gil clearly states, “This does not mean that law enforcement does not play a role”. Ok, I can accept that, especially if it plays a smaller role and is not the “solution”.

            I am imagining that with all of the demands of a new position, Gil doesn’t have time to read my blog ,but on the off chance he does, I want to invite him to Loft 107 for a discussion.  An open forum with families, addicts, treatment providers, and ok, a few cops. Come hear our view Gil, Brooklyn style!


Christopher Kennedy Lawford Book Signing

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 Loft 107 presents the 2nd Installment of AN EVENING AT THE LOFT, enjoy fantastic food, music and stimulating conversation.

Loft 107 has begun a tradition of readings highlighting the most brilliant minds in addiction therapy.

We are pleased to welcome Christopher Kennedy Lawford, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Symptoms of Withdrawal”, and a vocal advocate for revolutionizing the way addicts are treated by the medical world (and society), as our next esteemed guest.

He will discuss and sign copies of his newly released book “Healing Hepatitis C”, a valuable sourcebook from a Patient and a Doctor on the Epidemic’s Front Lines. 

Loft 107, a stunning new upscale sober living facility created by Joe Schrank, is the first of its kind in the City.  It is fast becoming a “mecca” and gathering place, where the most passionate and innovative minds in the recovery community can meet and share ideas.

Date:  June 2, 2009

About the Author

Christopher Kennedy Lawford


Christopher Kennedy Lawford has worked extensively in politics, government and the non-profit sector, most recently being appointed to the California Public Health Advisory Committee, as well as spending twenty years in film and television business as an actor, lawyer, executive, and producer.  As the author of the New York Times bestseller’s “Symptoms of Withdrawal” and “Moments of Clarity”, Mr. Lawford illuminates his extraordinary life and the tragedies he has faced – offering a cohesive message of survival, hope, and inspiration.  In his most rewarding role to date, Mr. Lawford is an advocate, for critical mental health issues facing our society today.  His passion and commitment to the issues of  substance abuse, hepatitis C and mental health has reinvigorated the debate around these vital national concerns.  Mr. Lawford holds a Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University, a Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School and a Masters Certification in Clinical Psychology from Harvard Medical School where he gained an academic appointment as a Lecturer on Psychiatry.

Healing Hepatitis C:

Ten thousand Americans die every year from hepatitis C, a virus that can now be cured, and half of the 4+ million affected Americans are thought to be unaware they have the disease. Having hepatitis C can be a transformative, extremely tough experience, especially without the right information. Healing Hepatitis C remedies that by combining the personal story of Christopher Kennedy Lawford’s treatment, which resulted in his being cured of this deadly disease, with the medical expertise of Dr. Diana Sylvestre, who has devoted her career to treating hepatitis C patients. Taking the form of a conversation between them, the authors confront the stigma and misinformation that swirl around this silent epidemic while offering hope, humor and medical expertise to help patients, their friends and family navigate the numerous challenges of hepatitis C testing and treatments. Most of all, they walk the reader through the process of facing diagnosis and treatment head-on, demonstrating that it is possible to win this battle – without surrendering your life to it.

 About LOFT 107

 At Loft 107, we promote the well-being of those in recovery from alcohol, drugs and other related behaviors by providing a safe, structured, independent sober living environment.  Loft 107 has been created to surround you with both a feeling and an environment of safety.  While residing in a structured environment, house members are encouraged to build essential skills for reintegration into society and productive living.

Manny Ramirez – Strike Three!

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Faced with the decision of whether to risk his health for an edge in baseball, Manny Ramirez chose to take that risk. What does that mean for him, his family, the fans, the Dodgers, baseball in general? That’s a loaded question to be sure, one with many opinions and no clear answers.  The first question I get is often “are steroids a drug of abuse?” The answer is, “yes”. While there is no high associated with ingesting them, there could be a release of dopamine. The sight of the needle, the piercing of the skin, the tawdry thrill of doing something that requires a shuck and jive to get away with. Who really knows? They are dangerous, so boys (maybe a few girls), “Just say no!?

            As I see it, the issue that concerns me the most is that it’s treated, once again, as a moral failing. The media has stories about how Ramirez should be punished, his records tarnished and so on. Clearly this needs to be addressed, but what is the most effective way to do so? If Bud Selig were asking me (and by the way, he’s not) I would insist that Ramirez spend his suspension in comprehensive chemical dependency treatment. We hear so much about “examples for kids”.  Admitting a problem and needing help seems like a pretty good example to me.

            Marc Figueroa, who writes for The North County Times (no accident he doesn’t write for the New York Times) shares the kind of moronic opinion that keeps people sick.  Figueroa writes “My policy can be summed up in four words: You Dope, You’re Out”.  Oh Man, here we go with “Zero Tolerance, Get Tough on Crime” approach. That’s been tried. New York has tried for years to have a zero tolerance on crack. What happened? Prisons are overflowing, kids are being shot, and people still smoke crack. An addiction trumps laws, morality, logic, and judgment. I hope Bud Selig does not make the mistake of trying to apply logic to this crazy situation.

Gil Kerlikowske is Rockin’ the Casbah!

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Its official! Weed smokers roll a fatty and celebrate, not that you need cause to celebrate with a fatty. Gil, Gil, he’s our man, if he can’t decriminalize no one can! Former Seattle police chief Gil Kerlikowske is the new drug czar. He did make pot “the lowest priority” for the Seattle police department, so maybe this is baby steps to decriminalizing what is arguably America’s favorite intoxicant. Cannabis consumers thank your lucky stars, if you complacent non-voting hippies would organize and get off the couch, turn your Xbox off, perhaps you could take a step toward ending the drug war. Somehow, it seems like we have a good guy in a weird office. Let’s see what he does.

            As a side note KU implemented a new amnesty program for kids who call for help in an alcohol related emergency on the KU campus. It took two alcohol related deaths for them to develop policy that makes sense, but it is in place. Here’s hoping KU sets a standard for all college campuses.