Gil Kerlikowske Heading to Brooklyn?

gil kerlikowske

Gil Kerlikowske, in a statement outlining goals of the Office of National Drug Control Policy clearly states, “The Obama administration understands that addiction is a disease”…………..Wait a minute……Did I relapse? Did someone slip me some acid? Did I really just read that?

            After decades of fighting an unwinnable war on a health crisis it seems as though the Obama administration is establishing a foothold for substantial change. The document goes on to outline addiction as a “complex biological and psychological disorder”.  Gil (I like to call him Gil because I feel as though we’ll be friends) outlines a plan to blend treatment, prevention, and law enforcement. This seems to make sense. Gil clearly states, “This does not mean that law enforcement does not play a role”. Ok, I can accept that, especially if it plays a smaller role and is not the “solution”.

            I am imagining that with all of the demands of a new position, Gil doesn’t have time to read my blog ,but on the off chance he does, I want to invite him to Loft 107 for a discussion.  An open forum with families, addicts, treatment providers, and ok, a few cops. Come hear our view Gil, Brooklyn style!


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