Gil Kerlikowske is Rockin’ the Casbah!


Its official! Weed smokers roll a fatty and celebrate, not that you need cause to celebrate with a fatty. Gil, Gil, he’s our man, if he can’t decriminalize no one can! Former Seattle police chief Gil Kerlikowske is the new drug czar. He did make pot “the lowest priority” for the Seattle police department, so maybe this is baby steps to decriminalizing what is arguably America’s favorite intoxicant. Cannabis consumers thank your lucky stars, if you complacent non-voting hippies would organize and get off the couch, turn your Xbox off, perhaps you could take a step toward ending the drug war. Somehow, it seems like we have a good guy in a weird office. Let’s see what he does.

            As a side note KU implemented a new amnesty program for kids who call for help in an alcohol related emergency on the KU campus. It took two alcohol related deaths for them to develop policy that makes sense, but it is in place. Here’s hoping KU sets a standard for all college campuses.


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