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Courtney Love and Recovery

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Iconic grande dame of rock and roll Courtney Love played at the recovery rally, a celebration of recovery from drug abuse recently in NY. Love is known for her on and off stage antics, largely connected to her long time on and off recovery. Love has had a stormy history including the suicide of her husband, Kurt Cobain. It’s been a very public experience, one that easily asks the question, is she an example of recovery?

The media has long been telling the same story about recovery, the same story arc of fall from grace, lesson learned, never did it again. It’s a fine story, the kind that after school specials and Republican social policy is made of, not to mention the DARE program. Is there anything wrong with this message? No. It’s a happy tale and representative of about 2 percent of people currently in remission from addictive disease and some of them may be lying.

In a way, Courtney Love is the perfect recovery story and one that is closer to more stories than the media approved neatly tied up story. She has been up, down, in rehab, stable, funny and charming, glimmers of artistic brilliance consumed by tragedy, back recording and touring, fall again, loved, hated, the story continues. Most of us don’t live our lives under the watchful eye of the media nor do we have the unique life of Courtney Love. At many levels, she is an inspiration, she reduces the shame that many addicts feel by letting us watch her very flawed and imperfect life, she gives misfits permission to live, to feel they have a place in a complicated and often isolating world. So yes, Courtney Love is a role model for the recovering community, and I enjoyed her show and was there to say thank you for advocating for our cause.


Deciphering the War on Drugs

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I was in a hotel room in Canada recently. Mercifully, I found an old movie to watch amongst the bizarre Canadian programming. The movie was from 1972 and was adapted from a Joseph Wambaugh novel, “The New Centurions” starring George C. Scott as an LAPD police officer who develops his own brand of justice, which is a mixed bag, but he defends the rights of the immigrants and protects them from an exploitive slum lord.  The character argues that they do jobs nobody else is willing to do and they are humans seeking a better life for their children (what is a more American value than that?).  It struck me that the film was almost as old as I am and yet we have the same arguments today as we did then, it’s a forty-year argument, other than most marriages, who has a forty-year argument?

I have wondered about how the drug war is connected to the immigration problems we face. It must be, the border towns are bloodbaths, more people killed there than in Iraq (I swear, check it out). If we had a stable regulated drug trade would we have immigration problems? Yes. If we had a tax and regulate system of decriminalized free choice intoxicant would we have more secure boarders? Yes.

President Obama just signed a $600 million bill for border security. I am a huge Obama fan and am hesitant to be critical, but, is this  time to pander to the right?  Not to mention, I thought the Obama administration ended the “war” on drugs? They said they did, they said they wanted to change the language of it, move more toward the treatment and prevention. Did I miss the $600 million for treatment bill? Must have skipped CNN that day or maybe I was in Canada?

Am I crazy or is this thinly veiled funding for the war on drugs? Call it what you want, but I think if there are more people killed in an effort than the war on terror, it’s a war too. There is clear and present danger along the border of the US and Mexico and it’s not all housekeepers sneaking across, its drug traffic.

Lets enter Joe’s fantasy world and decriminalize Marijuana, tax it ( how a $40 billion industry doesn’t pay taxes I will never know), regulate it, sell it at 7-11. The violence along the border is greatly reduced, money is made instead of spent and we help the immigration problem. Oh, and some people get really high, giggle at comedy central and eat twinkies and chips.  How is this a choice? People shot and killed or people high, stupid, and complacent? I really don’t get it and I am fairly irritated with the President for not taking a bolder step with this. I am sure he will be really worried when he hears about how upset I am. I say it frequently. Humans like to get high, they like intoxication, no amount of money will change that.