Ron Nehring is Shocking on So Many Levels!

When will I learn? Where do I live in this drug world? Sometimes I think that the culture is shifting and we are beginning to treat drug use and/or misuse with some honesty and then I suddenly realize that I am really out of touch with the rest of the world.

California Republican Chairman, Ron Nehring issued a statement on where the party stands on the legalization issue on the November 2nd California ballot. Shockingly, they oppose it. Why am I shocked?  I thought Republicans were opposed to big wasteful government and nothing is more wasteful than arresting, processing, and incarcerating nonviolent Marijuana users. Nehring goes on to state unsubstantiated opinions about cost and, apparently he is clairvoyant because he seems to know what will happen should the measure pass.  He goes on to state that California Republicans will fight this and anything else to expand drug use. Does he really believe that there are people out there writing and sponsoring legislation to expand drug use? One of my favorite parts of the statement is that he calls Marijuana “dope” throughout and then draws the obvious conclusion that only “dopes” would vote for “dope”, get it? Aren’t Republicans funny?  I personally think that anyone who commits acts of domestic violence against women, as Nehring has been accused of, is a dope!

Nehring argues that whatever “taxes” are paid (why taxes is in quotes, I don’t know), they won’t cover the societal costs. Again, what is he basing this on other than his misguided opinion? Who does he think pays the cost now? YOUR taxes pay for whatever damage is done not to mention the cost of draining the police, courts and prisons.  Nehring states that the proponents are masking their effort as a revenue generator for the state. I wonder what he thinks is the hidden agenda, what are they masking exactly? Does Nehring and the Republican party think there are people out there thinking,” Wait until this is legal, boy am I going to smoke some weed, I can’t wait until it’s legal, oh boy oh boy!”

Drug misuse is very costly to society; nobody will argue that. What the legalization movement is about is not adding insult to injury. Why have layers and layers of damage to society when we can have less damage? How could I have ever thought it would be the Republicans to see this as an opportunity? I’ll bet Nehring has a crystal Scotch decanter in his office. What do you want to bet?


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