Is Dr. Conrad Murray The Only Killer in Michael Jackson’s Death?

What’s wrong with convicting Dr. Conrad Murray of manslaughter in the Michael Jackson case? Nothing, clearly he was not practicing ethical medicine and his patient died. The drugs that were administered to Michael Jackson ultimately killed him but in a larger sense, did Dr. Murray kill him? Is he the only party culpable in Michael Jackson’s death? While Dr. Murray may have been the straw to break the camels back it brings up an interesting question when an addict overdoses. Where do we assign blame?

To read the comments of the Jackson family in the press, they seem to want to blame Dr. Murray. What culpability do they share? Are they to blame? After all they watched for years as son Michael slid further into addiction, mental illness and obscurity. Surely this must have been a problem long before Michael had hired Dr. Murray to be his personal physician. What other doctors wrote prescriptions to Michael Jackson? Did the family attempt to intervene? Maybe they did, we just don’t know. How about the sycophantic insulation of people collecting paychecks from Jackson (family seems to be included in this arena) are they listed as murderers? How about his adoring public and the people who watched him disintegrate before their very eyes?

Like so many others before him, Michael Jackson died of addictive disease. Denial will fuel the disease as will shame, secrecy, and not holding people accountable – but do we blame the drug dealer? In this case the dealer is a physician, often that is the case.  What about Michael Jackson himself? Did Dr. Murray hold a gun to his head, making him ingest drugs?

All kinds of things contribute to the death of an addict and it all funnels into the disease of addiction. Family dynamics, unethical doctors, denial, shame, all symptoms of a deadly disease.

I think Dr. Murray should be held accountable for his treatment of Michael Jackson and I think he should face the full extent of the law but I don’t think he killed him. Maybe blaming Dr. Murray is part of the diseased family system and cultural belief; we even want a quick fix to understand an overdose. Are we an addicted culture?


2 Responses to “Is Dr. Conrad Murray The Only Killer in Michael Jackson’s Death?”

  1. Dr. Murray pumped Michael full of lethal levels of propofol, and then walked out of the room. He had none of the required life saving equipment on scene. He waited more than an hour to call 911, and called three other numbers before calling 911. Yes, Dr. Murray killed Michael Jackson.

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