Jose Pena and Cesar Rodriguez Arrested for…..Candy!!

Jose Pena and Cesar Rodriguez were headed to a party on the night of January 15 in NY. Through a series of events, they were arrested and charged with possession of crack. As it turned out, they were in fact holding…….holding candy, which as far as I know isn’t a crime. It took the NYPD five days, FIVE DAYS!! To let them out and acknowledge the mistake.

Since the 80’s when the politically correct culture killed straightforward honesty along with irony and humor, people are afraid to say what’s on their mind. As I have said many times, I don’t think any drug issue gets better without honesty and so, I will, without reservation, express my honesty, my reality and my view of this. I shouldn’t have to explain that but along with honesty, humor, and irony, political correctness took with it the ability to differentiate between fact and opinion. Let’s face it, these men were arrested and charged with drug possession because they are not white, I don’t know what they are (Puerto Rican, Dominican maybe?), but white from Greenwich, they are not. This case underscores the waste, overt racism and futility of the drug war. The racism is so blaring it may be trying to hide in plain sight. I promise you this does not happen to white people. Maybe there are exceptions to prove that rule but that would be a very rare exception.

Before we get all bleeding heart and mushy, it is easy to see the NYPD’s point here. I am sure the substance looked like a rock and we wouldn’t want anyone to get high in any way other than with the Government’s blessing. So some Puerto Ricans are in the ‘hood and looks like they are holding a few rocks”, in this climate the NYPD had little choice but to enforce the law. Sure they were told that it was candy and I am sure the NYPD had heard that one before. It would be easy to dismiss the officers as racists but the truth is, they are an agency stretched too thin and one reason is because they are trying to enforce drug policy that makes no sense.

What is the net result? These poor guys from the Bronx spent 5 days in the Monkey house for no good reason, the NYPD looks like the Gestapo, and everyone who wanted to get high got high. I hope whoever ate the candy brushed their teeth after. What will this cost the tax payers in time, man power, community relations, and of course the law suit coming down the pike? Do we, as a culture really accept this situation? Do we accept policy that incarcerates law-abiding people and makes a mockery of the NYPD? Why? Why do we accept this? I don’t, so my blog and I will continue to fight this stupidity. Isn’t this America?


One Response to “Jose Pena and Cesar Rodriguez Arrested for…..Candy!!”

  1. Thanks for the post.
    Yes, this America. Innocent until proven guilty…
    My heart goes out to all involved. I don’t know both sides of the case so it makes it difficult for me to make a decision.
    I would hope that there was more going on than just these two guys holding a rock candy.
    Hopefully forgiveness is given and something positive can come from this overall.

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