Benoit Denizet-Lewis and Tiger Woods

I first met Benoit Denizet-Lewis a few years ago at the recovery schools conference in Nashville, he was one of the key-note speakers and I was immediately impressed with is take on recovery which underscores our lack of knowledge of addiction. His book, “America Anonymous” was an impressive piece of work, journalistic in style and non judgmental, not offering any easy solutions (Just, say no!) to a complicated problem offered. With so much out there offered as an answer or even a “cure” (That guy by the way should have a serious assessment for sociopathy or at the least stick to real estate development), Benoit is an important voice in our culture and he has real, um, well, balls, to self disclose a sex addiction. Something that is still snickered about like we are in a 5th grade class but is a very serious way to derail a life nevertheless.

The past few days Benoit has been in the media commenting on Tiger Woods as a sex addict.  There is even confusion about whether of not Denizet-Lewis broke the story. I don’t know who broke the story or where Woods is being treated, if he is being treated or what he is being treated for. Already I have received phone calls that Benoit “outed” Woods, I don’t think he did, I think he has a deep respect for recovery and the privacy some people need as part of their process.

There are larger issues here. Is Woods a sex addict? Beats me. He likely meets criteria. In my mind, he is young, rich, famous, and he travels. It seems likely that he would have ample opportunity to have issues with boundaries about his sexual behavior. Whatever his story is, I hope he does well and I hope he finds what works for him.

From a cultural perspective, this is an opportunity to discuss addiction, and its many forms, in a real way. Benoit has a good take on addiction and the damage it does. I say, let’s hear his voice.


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