Happy Sober New Year!


It’s a freezing night here in Brooklyn, NY. Great night for some bloggin’. If I weren’t so tired. I wanted to post my ’09 wrap up, the Year in Alcoholism. No “Dear Reader”, you will just have to wait for that. Instead I leave you with a T-shirt, which, I will market on my website, not sure when… but it’s on the list. It’s right behind “loose 20 lbs”, “Go to mass”, and “end DEA stupidity and tyranny” but I’ll get there.


Top 10 reasons to live sober:
10) AA meetings are the perfect place to look for your next failed relationship

9) Chances of meeting Dr. Drew are greatly increased

8)  Easier to glibly Judge Oprah for lack of personal insight into her food addiction

7) Keep at it for a year and open a high-end treatment center

6) Sober people almost always urinate into something

5) When you’re not holding, streetlights don’t feel like spotlights

4) Able to spew vague generalities as a ‘suggestion” for any situation

3) Rationalize anything by saying “but that is when I was in my disease”

2) Inappropriate romance just around the corner

1) Finally able to live up to Nancy Regan’s dream


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