Give Obama a Chance!


There may have been a time in America when people who held public office approached that as a service position. Trustworthy men who wanted to serve their community. Watergate changed all that, tarnishing the presidency forever.  For us hippy freak drug policy reformers, we have grown so used to living on the fringe, loaded or sober, that words of public officials doesn’t really mean all that much and we are never courted by political candidates as a voting block.  I think it is time we start listening to President Obama.  Candidate Obama clearly stated, “What I won’t be doing is using Justice department resources to circumvent state laws on the medical marijuana issue”

            Yesterday the justice department issued a statement that said, “ It will not be a priority to use federal resources to prosecute patients with serious illnesses or their caregivers who are complying with state laws on medical marijuana.” So in other words, the justice department not only upheld a promise but also issued a public statement that is practical and reasonable. Why shouldn’t a doctor be able to prescribe something that can be helpful to patients? Nobody will ever be able to explain to me why a doctor can prescribe Zanax but not marijuana.

            I would say “baby steps” but I think it’s not quite a step. I think it’s that thing that babies do where they don’t really take a step, where they fall, but you know they are intending to take a step.  As reformers are we so used to being dismissed as pinko subversives, that we are willing to take anything as a victory?  Big or small, it’s a start and WAY more than any other administration has given in decades.


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