DJ AM and His Struggle With Addiction.


Few things are as irritating to me as nightclubs so I’m not very familiar with the scene.  It’s only because of the tales that clients weave into my office that I know the names of the a-list clubs and club kids. I did however know DJ AM. Not in the context of his music and DJing (is that a verb?) but from around campus. To me he seemed shy, insecure, talented but hugely self-conscious about his weight. What I remember very clearly is that he seemed so proud as the excess pounds began to melt off of him. He seemed to break free of what seemed to be an issue beyond the love of pizza for him.

            Addiction is often described as the 9-headed monster, as 4 trashcans and only 3 lids. When we get hold of one area, another pops up. DJAM was a young man when he had gastric bypass surgery. It could be argued he was a food addict, something that many suffering from addictive disorders struggle with.

            Shocking today to read the news of his death in a NYC apartment. The initial reports say that there was drug paraphenalia in the apartment. I am sure it will be a while before there is a substantiated cause of death, it would seem that he lost his battle with addictive disorder. How very sad for such a young guy to do well with his food issue only to loose another form of the same disease. Sad for his family, friends, the people around him and for his fans. Sad that he will be another cautionary tale of how young Hollywood needs a wake up call when we all need one about addiction.


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