Josh Hamilton Batting 1000


Recovery is seldom perfect. In the case of Josh Hamilton, the talented Texas Ranger and winner of the home run derby his recovery seems to be much less than perfect, but maybe it is.  One of the mistakes that I think people make when they are in recovery is the expectation that they are “fixed” and that they won’t or shouldn’t have set backs, slips, and relapses. They will, everyone does. There are all kinds of stories out there of people “never picking up a drink again” but that is rare and can work against people who don’t share that experience.

            Recovery from alcoholism is a work in progress. It’s like a batting average, we won’t ever bat 1000. Even when the individual in recovery doesn’t pick up a drink they won’t win every battle with the attitudes and behaviors that addicted people share.

            Josh Hamilton has some difficult hurdles in his process, a measure of celebrity and being under public scrutiny, youth (he is only 28 years old), the pressure of fatherhood and what would have to be a strained marriage. I’s just not reasonable to think he won’t have setbacks no matter how chummy with Jesus he is.

            What’s great about this situation is that he owned it. He didn’t do the typical addict thing: rationalize, minimize, justify, hide, and blame.  He has the support of his wife (maybe too much?), his team, and seems like some good perspective in the media and on the internet.

            Hamilton did a great job of what to do after a slip, get back in the batters box and keep trying to bat 1000 and accept that you will never get there.


3 Responses to “Josh Hamilton Batting 1000”

  1. beyondtheendoftheroad Says:

    Thanks for your post.

  2. I praise him for not doing the usual bad P.R. dance but I have to question the support and structure that has been set up around him. I do not question the cunning, baffling, powerful and patient nature of alcoholism. That is my experience. God speed Josh. I’m pulling for you.

  3. Joe Schrank Says:

    I am not sure what the structure around him is. What I would guess is that it was tight, people got confident or felt he was cured and he had more room than he could tolerate but I am with you, I hope he gets back on the beam and flourishes as a ball player, father, human, whatever role he is in.

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