Michael Jackson Died From Drug Addiction!


How thick is the denial of America when it comes to drug addiction? So thick that people are “speculating “ that Michael Jackson had an ‘issue” with drugs. Story after story in the media about his prescription pill habit but it seems as though nobody is saying he was an addict. Let me go out on that limb. Michael Jackson, like millions of other Americans, was a drug addict and it killed him.

            Much of his behavior is classic addict behavior, such as detaching from family and friends. Addicts do that one all the time, unless they need to hustle money from family. Michael seemed to have enough of his own money. So he runs off to wherever he was, creating barriers between him and his family. He is a sad tale of brilliance that ultimately consumed him. That is a common story among addicts, different for him because of whom he was and his public persona, which added layers of complexity to his addiction, most notably that people, would tolerate virtually anything from him. The man walked around with a chimp. The chimp was a ring barer at one of Liz Taylor’s weddings. Who else but drug addicts would have a chimp as a ring barer?


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