Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O’Neal and Redmond Share The Same Disease!


During an interview with Barbara Walters, an emotional Ryan O’Neal was asked about his son Redmond, who was absent from him mother Farrah Fawcett’s final moments due to being in jail on drug charges.  Cunning, baffling, and powerful is just the beginning with this.  Thick denial was in the air as O’Neal played the victim, claiming that he had no idea what went wrong with Redmond. Hmmm?  Allow me to comment and play arm chair diagnostician for a moment.

Redmond O’Neal: Born into a family of legendary addicts. Dad has long history of drugs and violence, at one point he knocked his own son’s teeth out and last year was arrested for firing a gun at his son (his defense was he was trying to scare Griffin who was swinging a fireplace poker at him). Older half-sister Tatum struggles with the addictive disease while the media looks on and judges. Older half-brother Griffin has his own struggles, including a manslaughter charge. Mom, a sex symbol, acts crazier than a shithouse rat on the Letterman show.

 Unfortunately Redmond stood little chance of avoiding an addiction.  He has the genetics (the gun is loaded) and an environment that supports (encourages) addiction. Ryan O’Neal states he is “Mad at Redmond”, for this. Twisted, sanctimonious horseshit Ryan. He was arrested on meth charges, not with other out of control kids but with his own father.  Here is what I have to say about Redmond.

“Sadly Redmond continues to suffer from chemical use disorder, a genetic disease that many of his family members suffer from. To date, treatment attempts have not stabilized the disease. The family will continue to support Redmond in seeking help and continued efforts to battle this deadly disease”

 Why is Farrah’s battle with cancer ‘courageous” and Redmond’s battle with addiction something his addict father is mad at him about? Lucy, ‘splain!


5 Responses to “Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O’Neal and Redmond Share The Same Disease!”

  1. The reason why it’s “courageous” to battle cancer vs. battling an addiction is that cancer is a disease, meaning we don’t choose to slowly kill ourselves with it. Addicts do choose. If anything, Redmond should have seen what drugs do to people first-hand and then chose NOT to do drugs. My own parents are alcoholics, and that is exactly why I stay away from it. I feel we all should take responsibility for our own actions, and stop blaming our parents, generation, president, etc. LEARN from other peoples poor decisions, don’t use it as a excuse to be the same way.

    • You make a valid point and often it works that way, often it does not. Easy to condemn Redmond when we are not in his brain. Addiction is a disease, you are not alone in your opinion that it is a choice but the AMA and APA say differently. Clearly your thought is that Redmond “chooses” this. It’s not that simple.

    • Gina is right, but the sweet bird of youth holds little knowledge.

  2. I’m a alcoholic, not that it makes me more knowledgeable than anyone else. But people that have the disease of addiction have to start from some point to realize that there is good news and bad news. The good being they can live substance free. The bad news is that substances are not they’re problem, but only a symptom of the real problem, self. No one can choose they’re situation but they can choose the road to freedom or death. No human power could have relieved my alcoholism but God/as I understand him can if he/she/it/the force, were sought.

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