Michael Jackson Dies of Addictive Disease!


When is it time to intervene on a loved one is abusing drugs? A question that follows many families in America. Clearly the Jackson’s must have had this conversation numerous times regarding son, Michael. If they had come to me, I would have said “well, don’t wait until he displays bizarre behavior like carrying around a chimp or inviting children over for sleepovers. I often wondered about Michael as he declined into addiction-fueled mental illness. Did nobody ever think to say, “He has a chimp”?

            We can only speculate as to the extent of his addictive disease. It was referred to throughout his weird life. Sometimes it was mentioned after a plastic surgery.  What I guess is that he was severely addicted to numerous substances and eventually, his heart just gave out. It’s not an uncommon story, it happens daily. Maybe it was cumulative over the years, maybe it was an overdose.

            One thing is almost certain, we won’t be reading any press that says: “Chimp enthusiast, Kind of pop dies of addictive disease”. Already, the Internet is stating “cardiac arrest”.

            Addiction is still the dark secret, it may seem like a small thing but someday we may read the cause of death was addictive disease and someday we may have as much sympathy for that as we do for other fatal illnesses.


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