Is Gil Kerlikowske The Alcoholic Parent??


Yesterday the White House office of National Drug Control Policy released a 65-page document outlining strategy for US/Mexican border control policy. Previously, Gil Kerlikowske called for an end to the “war on drugs”.  This new document calls for better “technology and intelligence”. I thought the war was over? Who ends a war by increasing paramilitary tactics and modernizing them?

            I really hope this isn’t what it seems. What it seems like is a slick shuck and jive. I am imagining some kind of staff meeting where they said “Throw the reformers a bone and then keep the paramilitary industry happy”.  Is Gil the alcoholic parent? Is he full of false promises, raising hope and then pulling the rug?

            The house approved $820 Million, The Senate $666 million to fight the border violence. Great. Deeper in the hole. Spending more money rather than creating value and taxing an industry that already exists.

            At any level of treating chemical dependency, there has to be a willingness to change. At the moment, the US is still the dysfunctional family, talking about change, sounding good, and acting in the same way they always have. Expect the same bloodbath we’ve had for years. Maybe it will be a more sophisticated bloodbath. Why is this so difficult? What is so terrible about people wanting to get high?


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