Baby Daddy Levi Johnston is Tripp’in


While most of my comments are about drug policy; the Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston drama was too good to pass up. Plus who knows, teen binge drinking could certainly have contributed to the conception of their newborn son, Tripp. What is engaging about this is that Levi seems to be very genuine in his desire to be a father and the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin (Tripp’s maternal grandmother)seems hell bent on preventing that. It’s easy to imagine teenagers not being able to maintain a relationship in the spotlight of a national campaign, new parenthood, and the general growing pains of making the transition from kid to adult. I don’t think either is at “fault” nor do I think either is “bad”.

            Levis says he has no private time with his son, and that the Governor knew of the teen sex going on under her roof (a claim that she is denying). Teenagers having sex? Imagine that. A spokesperson for the governor called Levi a “liar” and accused him trying to profit from the situation. Seems to be a harsh tone to take. I have no idea what happened, but what I think is that they both got drunk at a beer party and nature took its course. Hardly the crime of the century. Being thrust into the national spotlight during this must have been really overwhelming for them both, now power hungry, moose hunting, spotlight seeking Palin takes shots at a scared kid? It’s reprehensible.

            In a television interview, Levi, who looks like he barely shaves, said he got an “amazing little boy out of it”. He seems to be an amazing little boy himself. I really hope the Governor puts her own ego aside long enough to be grateful that her grandson’s father seems to earnestly want a relationship with her grandson. That is hugely valuable and in my view, pretty admirable for such a young guy. The truth is, he could be off playing video games or smoking pot, or moose hunting rather than trying to get private time with his son.


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