Assemblyman Tom Ammiano Cashing in on the 14 Billion Dollar Crop!

tomammianoAssemblyman Tom Ammiano (D San Francisco) introduced legislation to treat the use of Marijuana the same way alcohol is treated. In other words, tax, regulate, and sell to people over the age of 21.

            Cannabis is the largest cash crop in California, estimated at over 14 billion dollars annually. Why then does the state not want its share of this? Clearly someone is smoking it, baking with it, doing something with it.  It makes no sense for the government to attempt to stop production of a product it’s people want and consumes! Consumption of marijuana is a mala prohibita “crime” – one that does not serve the greater good of the community.

            Having spent large portions of my youth in San Francisco, I can say that tit is filled with liberal leaders who have a tradition of creating groundbreaking policy. The earthquakes there seem to extend to cultural paradigms. It is the home of the hippy movement, the center of gay culture, home of Willie Brown and Diane Feinstein. The citizens are warm, friendly and somewhat accepting. However, they can also be smug, glib, entitled and misinformed in the belief that they are liberal. They are not accepting of the bouquet of humanity. Ask a San Franciscan about a conservative John Birch society member of the Orange County community and one is likely to give an intolerant, and superior answer. Do San Franciscans speak for the state of California? Maybe some of it. Do they speak for Californians on this issue? Seems like they do.  It’s highly unlikely that the entire amount of weed smoked in the state is sequestered to the bay area. Too bad weed smokers are too complacent to organize and OC republicans could kill this.  Why? Because their hypocrisy dictates that weed is the intoxicant of Mexicans and they are racist morons, who believe the Mexican population is worthy of mowing their lawns and cooking their food or at least the citizens who bother to vote.

            All of the policy created is successful to the degree that we can be honest about it. To say that we can control the consumption of intoxicants is a lie. We cannot. So go for it California, be the state to break some ground. The good part of San Francisco is they do things like this, so focus on your strengths Assemblyman Ammiano.


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