Say Yes to McMarijuana President Obama!


Macro level first step?

             The first step of AA reads “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol, that our lives had become unmanageable”. Of course this was written in the 30’s and an updated version would read powerless over alcohol and other drugs. Is America ready to admit powerlessness?

            For many, the admission of powerless comes from being beaten to a pulp by the unmanageability. Clearly our drug and alcohol policy is unmanageable. Mexican border towns are war zones, but we read about Iraq daily. Prisons swell; community violence traumatizes children, families, and other systems. Unmanageable? You bet it is.

            Steve Huntley, in a Chicago Sun Times article, argues the economic benefits of ending Marijuana prohibition, or ending the denial of the unmanageability of the current laws. Huntley makes a convincing argument but does make a mistake when he says, “Marijuana, however undesirable to some, is not much different than the effects of alcohol”. You are wrong on that point. Marijuana is dramatically safer than alcohol. Though not without it’s risk factors, does anyone really think Marijuana is worse than Alcohol? As a grad student at the University of Illinois, there were on average 200 hospitalizations per semester directly linked to alcohol. Those are the ones documented by the University, who knows what the university didn’t know about. There were zero hospitalizations due to use of Marijuana. Maybe some undergrads laughed their heads off?  Maybe they ate so much, they got sick?

            Maybe the recession will be the straw to break the camels back on this issue. Who cares how people want to get high?  If legalizing marijuana will create a new tax base and free up the burden of punishing a health issue, why would we not do that? C’mon President Obama, lead America into the first step. We are powerless to control the use of this plant.


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