Minor League Baseball Fails John Odom!


 John Odom is a tragic tale of addictive disease. He was a young man who played minor league baseball – his claim to fame is that he was once traded to another team in exchange for 10 bats. Humiliating on so many levels!!  He was a far more accomplished athlete than the beer swilling, wal-mart shopping, fat guys making fun of him. His death was ruled an accidental overdose of: heroin, meth, and alcohol. Accidental? Highly unlikely! More than likely young adult male bravado, depression, a lack of contact and supervision, a genetic make-up geared toward alcoholism and of course, trauma.

            Its hard to say what had gone on with this young man, mostly because it’s not likely that anyone asked him what he thought or felt or what challenges he was experiencing.  If they did he likely gave one-word answers, unable to name or articulate what he was feeling.

            He was part of system that not only tolerated drunkenness but also encouraged it.  Clearly minor league baseball is not a mental health agency but was nobody watching him at all? Did he lapse into alcoholism and mental illness before their very eyes? Was there no system to screen for this?  What a tragedy. If he had a physical injury they had something in place to deal with that but it was his mental and emotional injuries that killed him.  Where was the treatment for that?


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