Arizona and the Drug War.


PHOENIX……. sun, mountains, golf, tacos, beautiful sunsets, oh and violent kidnappings.

It seems as though Phoenix, now a major gateway to bring drugs into the U.S., is also the leading city for violent kidnappings. Last year Phoenix police received 366 reports of kidnappings for ransom. Most of these, according to the Phoenix police, were closely linked to the drug trade in nearby Mexico.

The Bush administration violated untold liberties in fighting the war on terror. Maybe the terrorist’s plan is to divert attention and resources to a “war on terror” while the drug war rages. How is it that we can fight a war on terror, an abstract concept, when there were 366 kidnappings in Phoenix last year? Is nobody paying attention? The only thing that ended the violence of prohibition was to end prohibition. Is this really such a hard lesson to learn?


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