U.S. Drug Policy is a Total Failure!


Former Brazilian president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, in collaboration with former Columbian president Cesar Gauiria and former Mexican president Ernesto Zedillo have announced that the U.S drug policy is a “total failure”.  The situation with drugs in the US is a mess to be sure. Hard to declare it a total failure since the goals and objectives of the policies are not clearly defined, they are not even murkily defined. What are they designed to do? The Latin American presidents called for a more European model in drafting policy, where drug use/abuse is treated by health officials and not by law enforcement. They issued a statement that said “We are very concerned that the policies of narco-trafficking in the U.S. have practically no public debate today”.  I agree!!

My intention is not to minimize the sacrifice and loss of those individuals who have died in Iraq, but I wonder how many young people have died in the drug war during the time we have been in Iraq?  Are the lives of drug addicts less valuable?  In America it is more likely that black males will be incarcerated than go to college. I’m grateful for President Obama who is providing the belief that there is possibility for black, male youth. Go that extra mile Barack! Ending the paramilitary drug war will save lives, torment, revolutionize the culture, help people get into treatment, and reduce harm. Let’s meet with the Latin Americans and collaborate on Western Hemisphere policy.  I’ll volunteer to go with you for support….


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